[L → R] Gt. Chuson, Ba. Kakeru, Key. Taichi, Vo. Nagiwatari, Dr. Ikumin, Sampler okada


Vo. Nagiwatari

Gt. Chuson

Ba. kakeru

Dr. Ikumin

Key. Taichi

Sampler okada

Formed in April 2019.

A 6-member band from Kansai with an unspecified genre.

It is genreless and has a wide variety of sounds, and is mainly active in the Kansai region.

At the final stage of "Next Age Music Award 2019", an event to decide the student band Japan 1 held on November 16, 2019, he performed LIVE in front of 3000 people and won the grand prix.

In March of the following year, the 1st Full Album "Gate of Ochunism" was released one year after its formation, and in November of the same year, the 1st Mini Album "INSIDE" was released.